HowLoud Soundscore API Reference

HowLoud Soundscore API is located at

HowLoud Soundscore API supports the following calls.

url description
/apidoc.html Api reference documents
/scoremap Soundscore map
/score Soundscore location query
/address Soundscore location query from address

SoundScore Map [/scoremap]


value description
key authentication key
lon map center longitude
lat map center latitude
zoom zoom level (2-16)
base basemap (gsat, gmap, osm)
switcher minimize layer switcher (min,max)

Soundscore api [/score]


value description
key authentication key
latitude search coordinate latitude
longitude search coordinate longitude

Soundscore Address api [/address]

Calls to /address rely on a third party geocoding service and incur an additional charge of $1 per 100.


value description
key authentication key (required)
address search address query. Must conform to Here geocoder requirements,%20Los%20Angeles,%20CA%2090012


Responses are json format and have the following top level elements:

status code description
OK no errors occurred
INVALID_KEY authentication key denied or not provided
INVALID_REQUEST invalid or missing request parameters
ZERO_RESULTS no results found
UNKNOWN_ERROR a unknown server error occurred


Each result contains a soundscore value and a series of named penalty components. Penalty components are in soundscore units. Each numeric field has a corresponding text field that can take on ordinal values: ‘Calm’, ‘Active’, ‘Busy’.

fields description
score SoundScore value 0-100
airports Airports
local Local commercial and community
traffic Vehicular traffic

{“status”: “OK”, “request”: {“latitude”: “34.05615”, “key”: “yourkey”, “longitude”: “-118.23596”}, “result”: [{“airports”: 0, “traffictext”: “Busy”, “localtext”: “Active”, “airportstext”: “Calm”, “score”: 68, “traffic”: 29, “scoretext”: “Active”, “local”: 2}]}